Active fire safety advisement

As far as the field of active fire safety is concerned, we are striving towards reaching optimal solutions with the use of fire-extinguishing systems and appropriate choice of extinguishing medium, depending on the flammable material.

Passive fire safety advisement

As far as the field of passive fire safety in concerned, we are striving towards finding optimal solutions for prevention of spreading of fire.

Preparation of fire safety studies

Taking into account the needs of the investor, fire safety study is drawn up.

Advisement on the placement of FAUCON ampoules and its examination

Location is established according to the standard-settings of the manufacture, as well as taking into consideration the possible fire sources.

Professional assembling

Professional assembling of FAUCON ampoules and active fire safety fire-fighting systems is carried out with the acquiring of “The attestation on proper operation of active fire safety system”.

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